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Sterilization Equipments Ethylene Oxide Eo Sterilizer Machine

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Gas Sterilization Equipments
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Instrument classification:
Class II
1 Year
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Online technical support
EO sterilizer machine
Interior Dimension:
Exterior Dimension:
Exterior: length*width*height=5800*3200*3200
Open/close ways:
Pneumatic lifting door
Quantity of doors:
2 pcs
Data saved term:
Ten years( if hard disk is not damaged)
Historical curve:
Continuous time intervals
Data recording form:
Process is triggered record, alarm triggered records
Control time range:
0-99 hours,resolution of sterilization time : 1 minutes

Product Description

1:ethylene oxide sterilizer is used for sterilization of disposable sanitary products, medical supplies and medical devices.

Field of sterilizer application

1.Medical devices: cardiac pacemakers,artificial hearts,dialysis machines,suction apparatus,commutative components of oxygenation,automatic suturing machine for operation,sutures,suture needles,artificial esophagus,artificial bone,artificial blood vess


2. Endoscopes:laryngoscope, broncho scope,fiber scope for esophagus,mediastinoscope, cystoscope,urethra scope thoracoscope


3.Rubber products:gloves,fingertip,syringes,syringe needle,blood collection devices,infusion sets,urine collecting bag,hose in organ,nasal tube,conduits,suction hose,birth-control apparatus etc.


4.Pharmaceutical:Some Chinese& western medicine,some cosmetics


5.Textiles and biological products:cotton fiber clothing,blankets,carpets,gauze bandages,cotton balls,cotton swab,absorbent cotton,dressing type,towels,leather,fur products etc


6.Heritage archive:money note,tickets,medical records,files,epistle,historical relics,silk satin products,animial specimens etc.

 Our factory accessed the disinfection industry in the early 80′s, widely absorbing advanced technology and equipment of similar foreign sterilization. So far, our factory products through continuous innovation, product performance and quality has always been a leading domestic level.

Main machine structure

1) equipment main body adopts horizontal rectangle storage, is suitable for large scale production.
2) in the cabinet for heating hot water circulating heating, hexahedron evenly heating, to ensure the sterilizing chamber temperature uniformity and the accuracy of temperature control, and effective guarantee for sterilization .
3) sterilizer sealing door is divided into the mechanical sealing door and pneumatic smooth moving sealing door two kinds to meet the needs of different users.
4) our factory made sterilizer equipped with inner and outside transportation device and can provide automatic transportation device, convenient loading and unloading goods.

Process performance:

a) control of sterilizer: PLC program control ( semi-automatic) and IPC automatic control , to meet different customer needs.
b) sterilizer with independent gasification device, ensure the epoxy ethane into the sterilizing chamber in gaseous state, improve the effect of sterilization.
c) in order to improve the uniformity of the temperature in the cabinet and the uniformity of epoxy ethane gas, it can be equipped with internal gas circulation wind system.
d) equipped with exhaust gas treatment device can do discharge treatment on residual ethylene oxide.
e) sterilization process does not damage the product and packaging, after sterilization, keep the original shape


Detailed Images

We could supply the following size of EO sterilizer machine,and also could design the EO sterilizer machine according to your detailed demands.


Cabinet Dimention

   (L x W x H) mm

Outside dimension

(L x W x H)mm

Norminal Volume


HMQ-EO-LE-G-1-R 1400 x 700 x 1000 1800 x 1200 x 2000 1
HMQ-EO-LE-G-2-R 1650 x 1000 x 1200 2050 x 1500 x 2000 2
HMQ-EO-LE-G-3-R 2500 x 1000 x 1200 2950 x 1500 x 2000 3
HMQ-EO-LE-G-4.5-R 2150 x 1350 x 1550 2600 x 1950 x 2200 4.5
HMQ-EO-LE-G-6-R 2900 x 1350 x 1550 3300 x 1950 x 2200 6
HMQ-EO-LE-G-11-R 4850 x 1350 x 1700 5300 x 1950 x 2300 11
HMQ-EO-LE-G-15-R 5600 x 1350 x 2000 6000 x 1950 x 2600 15
HMQ-EO-LE-G-20-R 7500 x 1350 x 2000 8000 x 1950 x 2600 20
HMQ-EO-LE-G-25-R 9500 x 1350 x 2000 10000 x 1950 x 2600 25
HMQ-EO-LE-G-30-R 11000 x 1350 x 2000 11500 x 1950 x 2600 30
HMQ-EO-LE-G-35-R 5300 x 2700 x 2700 5800 x 3200 x 3200 35
HMQ-EO-LE-G-50-R 6300 x 2700 x 2700 6800 x 3200 x 3200 50
HMQ-EO-LE-G-60-R 8500 x 2700 x 2700 9000 x 3200 x 3200 60
HMQ-EO-LE-G-75-R 10500 x 2700 x 2700 11000 x 3200 x 3200 75
HMQ-EO-LE-G-100-R 13500 x 2700 x 2700 14000 x 3200 x 3200 100

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Pre-Sales Service

* Inquiry and consulting support. 

* Sample testing support. 

* View our Factory.

After-Sales Service

* Training how to instal the machine, training how to use the machine.

* Engineers available to service machinery overseas.

Packaging & Shipping

 Shipped by 60 days after deposit


Q:Are you a manufacturer?

A:Yes,we are the professional manufacturer set up in1986,located at Hangzhou city.

Q:Can you provide the overseas service?

A:Yes, after machine arrive your factory ,we will arrange engineer go to install the machine and train the operators.

Q:Can we visit the factory ?

A:Of course, we highly welcome clients come to our factory ,it will be our great honor to meet you.

Q:How can you guarantee the quality ?

A:100% qualified products before delivery. The clients can inspect the product at our factory. 1 year warranty, lifetime provide the spare parts.

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