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Year start training


Feb 21st 2021, our company started for the new year.  The first week, 7days, is for our employees and also management training.

Technical department and installation employees are trained for 3 days. Gathered the previous year problems and also customers questions and complaints, and analyzed these issues. Our leader and technicians taught to how solve the problems and how to avoid in the future. In order to make sure each employees are totally understand. Our leader questions each employees and ask them to describe how to solve.  After previous years issue summary, our leader also named those employees, who were praised by our customers, and also provided bonus for their good work to encourage all of other employees.   

After 3 days training technical and installation employees’ training.  Then the following 3 days is for our workshop workers training. The first day is training the meeting room.  Mainly to summary last years problem and issues, and tell them how to avoid this year. And also provide bonus for worker, who are with the top 5 scores. Top 1, 10000RMB;Top 2, 5000RMB; Top3, 3000; Top 4: 2000RMB and top 5:1000RMB. The following two days, the workshop supervisor demonstrate how to weld correctly , even most of the workers are old workers. Then each worker have to show their welding to make sure all welders are operate correctly. Then  supervisors show how employees how to check the stress after welding. Each steps are trained well and make sure everyone are totally understand and can operate correctly.  


The last day is for management team training.  The leaders of the hardware, come from Beiing Fengtai yongding Disinfectant factory , and also the Hebei Rongfeng Disinfectant Equipment Company, and the software , come from Hangzhou Bocon Mechanical and Electrical Equipment Co.Ltd.  Discussed and summarized the previous years success and deficiency, and also the direction and plan for the coming new year.   

Post time: Feb-20-2021