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Eto Sterilizer door choose(The advantages and disadvantages of various doors for sterilizers)

The advantages and disadvantages of various doors for sterilizers
About feeding door and unloading door of sterilizers, our company
currently has four options, each with advantages and disadvantages,
also have their own strengths.
The advantages and disadvantages of Manual door:
Manual door seal does not need inflating, so seal repair and maintenance is relatively
Door opening way is revolving,saving space around the cabinet. It’s suitable for space-
constrained occasions;
>Since the cabinet is completely sealed by mechanical seal tightly, so the machining
processing is more complex and cost is higher. It’s difficult to repair once there’s any
fault, for this reason, this kind of door is not recommended.
The advantages and disadvantages of Pneumatic Sliding Door:
Pneumatic sliding door uses the inflatable seal. The seal wav is more convenient and reliable
Pneumatic sliding door is automatically controlled by cylinders, it’s safe and reliable
without manual applying an external switch:
>Pneumatic sliding door is the most commonly used door control mode at home and
The biggest draw back is taking up a certain level of space, it’s not suitable for the
space-constrained occasions:
The Advantages And Disadvantages of Pneumatic Revolving Door:
Pneumatic revolving door is actually the door with semi-inflatable seal, it’s a popular
way at home and abroad.A cylinder is used to top up the door 100-200 mm higher, so
the door separates from the door groove. then it can be open and close manually. It’s
suitable for large volume equipment.
>Pneumatic revolving door is simple in structure. it’s safe and reliable. It’s suitable for
space limited on left and right or top and bottom.
Pneumatic revolving door’s sealing way is inflatable seal. It’s easy convenient and
>The disadvantage is need human being help to open and close the door.
The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Overall Lifting Door:
>The overall lifting door is explosion-proof electric lifting door. It’s rising the overall door
to the top or lowing it to the bottom. It’s the most space-saving way. It’s full automatic
way, does not need any help to open or close.
>Overall lifting door is also used inflatable sealing method. It’s safe and reliable:
>The overall lifting door is suitable for any cabinet volume:
>The disadvantage is the cost is high because many security measures have to be

Post time: Jan-14-2023