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EO gas regain system

As we know ethylene oxide gas is one kind of flammable, explosive and toxic gases, and also pollute the environment, but because it can completely kill microorganisms and all kinds of bacteria, and will not change the performance of the product, it widely used on the medical product. Each time after sterilizing, there are always some residual EO gas left, to deal with these residual EO gas, either have to invest a big amount on the EO waste gas treatment device, which is spraying water to make the residual EO gas dissolve in water, and react with the acid to change the ethylene oxide to glycol, which is harmless and pollution-free. But factories have to pay for special department to recycle the glycol. So in 2016 our company already developed the combustion system, which can burn the glycol and reuse the heat back for heating the water in the water jacket. It helped user to save energy and also help the user to save the cost to deal with the glycol.  

Since each time there’s lot of ethylene oxide gas has not been used yet. Can we reuse the EO gas? If so how to reuse it, and how much left each time?Two years ago in 2019 our company started to invest in EO Gas regain system. We developed two kind of the regain system. One is two sterilizers, one is using two sterilizers. After one sterilizers sterilizing , the left EO gas will fill in the second sterilizer.  Of course, more ethylene oxide gas have to be filled in the second sterilizer to reach the sterilizing standard. But need to measure and inspected carefully how much need to be refilled. The second kind only need one set of sterilizer, the reused EO gas will be collected into a tank, and will be filled in the sterilizer chamber for the next sterilizing cycle.  Both way have been designed, produced and after more than one year test, it could regain about 50% of residual ethylene oxide gas. Since it’s a brand new product, even it works very well , we are still doing more test. 

Post time: Jun-28-2021