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Large Industrial Medical Gas Sterilizer Cabinet Chamber Disinfectants

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Gas Sterilization Equipments
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Place of Origin:
Zhejiang, China
Instrument classification:
Class II
1 Year
After-sale Service:
Online technical support
1/2/,3/4.5/6/11/15/20 etc
Carton materials:
SUS 304 stainless steel
Temperature range:
Humidity range:
Working pressure:
Max.power of electrical heating:
9~60 kW
Max.power of the humidifier:
3~9 kW
Power supply:
3-phase,4-line 380V; 50Hz

Sterilization Equipment 

We not only provide safe and stable sterilizers, but also provide associated equipments, such as preconditioning room and aeration room. 

Large Industrial Medical Gas Sterilizer Cabinet Chamber Disinfectants

Principles:  Sterilizer is used for sterilization of disposable sanitary products, medical supplies and medical devices.
Sterilization process Advantage: * Post-sterilization phases are defined to remove residual gas from the material (Aeration).
* Five user defined cycles are available including Cold & Warm cycles.
* Inter locks at different stages are available to provide safety. It will ensure proper parameters are maintained during the sterilization cycle.
* Fully-automatic with touch screen HMI & data recording, PLC based automatic & Semi-automatic models are available.
* Password protection for unauthorized access.
* Records of data are available in non editable data sheet as well as graph format.
* Very low operating cost compare to other available option.
Standard : Equipment is produced refereeing to standard EN1422 and meets the requirements of ISO11135-2007
Features: A.The operation process is controlled by PLC + industrial control machine
B.Single machine auto-complete entire process of sterilization independently and the sterilization effect is reliable
C.EO filed aluminum alloy bottle:the transportation and usage is safe and reliable
D.The advanced international vacuum pumping system came into use the control valve with German brand to ensure reliable action
E.The sterilization time is generally 8 ~ 12h.
F.Touch screen with Japanese brand and man-machine dialogue interface display
G.The equipment has the following alarm function: (a) sensor fault alarm(b)dose the alarm( c) overpressure alarm(d) high temperature alarm (e) open and close alarm: there is a sound alarm when opening or closing.
Product Application:

Sterilization system  is suitable for Medical Supplies:

Non-woven medical supplies, syringes, surgical gloves, various rubber infusion catheters, sutures,Narcotics, sanitary napkins, medical dressings.

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