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GE series ETO Sterilizer Preconditioning Room

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The pre-heated room is a constant temperature and humidity environment. The general temperature is controlled at 40-55 degrees Celsius and the relative humidity is 30-80 %. The room needs insulation.


When normal preheating, temperature control accuracy: ± 2.5 degrees Celsius, humidity control range RH: 30 % -80 %

After the system is started, the PC display can update the data in real time, draw the performance curves of each parameter, and record the historical data and historical curves of the product in order to strictly control the quality.

Major Dispositions

Control system: PC integrated cabinet, powerful function, support data backup, system performance curve;

1. Support the historical curve
2. Support for simple summary process time
3. Support for simple operation process data summary
4. Support the sterilization products list
5. Support qr code scanning input

Pneumatic control box for electrical appliances: transit signal

Heat exchange: horizontal air-conditioning units;

Room materials: polyurethane insulation materials;

Sensor: two temperature and humidity sensors, two sensor to detect entry and exit gate

Have Certification

★ DIN EN 1422

★ EN ISO 11135

★ EN ISO 13485

Support door types

revolution door

lift door


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