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eto gas sterilizer for disposable surgical gown ethylene oxide sterilizer equipment

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Gas Sterilization Equipments
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Place of Origin:
Beijing, China
Instrument classification:
Class II
ETO gas sterilizer machine
Volume of inner casing:
1 Year
Control time range:
0-99 hours,resolution of sterilization time : 1 minutes
Carton materials:
SUS 304 stainless steel
Working pressure::
Temperature range:
Power supply:
220V; 50Hz
Product Description

Principles and advantages of epoxy ethane sterilization

The epoxy ethane sterilized equipments for the objects closed in the sterilizing chamber to be fumigated and sterilized at low temperature under the condition of certain temperature, pressure and humidity.

The advantages of the product includes wide spectyum of sterilization, strong penetration (cloths, cartons, and polythene, films can be penetrated), thoroughly sterilization, no damage to articles and easy to store for the sterilized objects.

HMQ series compact type epoxy ethane sterilizer Features of productThis products is produced referring to standard EN 1422 and meets the requirements of ISO 11135-2007

A.small appearance ,beautiful,easy to operate and one key operating system sterilizer process

B.Single machine auto-complete entire process of sterilization independently and the sterilization effect is reliable

C.EO filed aluminum alloy bottle:the transportation and usage is safe and reliable

D.The advanced international vacuum pumping system came into use the control valve with German brand to ensure reliable action

E.German Siemens original binding programmable controller is used for control system

F.Touch screen with Japanese brand and man-machine dialogue interface display

G.Hot air analysis device (domestic original)is equipped to minimize the residual EO on articles being sterilized.Pre-set parameters and can be saved automatically,the next sterilization without having to reset.

Applicable to operating room in hospital,research units,chemical laboratory and archives

        First,the host structure:        1) storage device body with horizontal rectangular form, facilitate large-scale centralized production.2) cabinet heating method for the hot water circulation heating, hexahedral uniform heating, sterilization chamber to ensure temperature uniformity and temperature control accuracy for effective sterilization to provide a guarantee.

3) sterilizer seal door seal door into mechanical and pneumatic sliding door two types of sealing to meet the needs of different users.

4) Our sterilizer comes standard with internal and external transport means and transport means providing automatic, user-friendly loading and unloading goods.

Second, the process performance:

1) sterilizer control mode: PLC program control (semi-automatic) and IPC automatic control, to meet different customer needs.

2) Sterilizer with separate gasification device to ensure the ethylene oxide gas into the sterilization chamber to improve the sterilization effect.

3) In order to improve the uniformity of the gas can be equipped with an internal temperature uniformity and ethylene oxide gas circulating air system.

4) The device is equipped with an exhaust gas treatment apparatus can discharge the residual ethylene oxide treatment.

        5) The sterilization process does not damage the product and packaging, the basic shape of the product to maintain the original after sterilization.
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We could supply the following size of EO sterilizer machine,and also could design the EO sterilizer machine according to your real demends.

Sterilizer process
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