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Ethylene oxide sterilizer for mask production disinfection Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer

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Ethylene Oxide (EtO) sterilization is mainly used to sterilize medical and pharmaceutical products that cannot support conventional high temperature steam sterilization – such as devices that incorporate electronic components, plastic packaging or plastic containers.

EtO gas infiltrates packages as well as products themselves to kill micro organisms that are left during production or packaging processes. This gas, mixed with air at a ratio of at least 3% EtO gas, forms an explosive mixture. Pure EtO gas boiling point is 10.73 ºC at atmospheric pressure. Most of the time, it is mixed with Nitrogen or CO2. This explosive condition requires Intrinsic Safe material (ATEX) zoning, for security of people as well as security of the process itself.

  • Product Name: ETO/EO sterilizer machine, ethylene oxide sterilization
  • Min.Order Quantity: 1Piece/Pieces
  • Brand: HZBOCON
  • size: 1-120cbm
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